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A little plastic duck sits on the side of the bath, an unwilling… - Rubber Duck [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 9th, 2008|02:33 pm]
A little plastic duck sits on the side of the bath, an unwilling voyeur to the life he witnesses everyday… watching the girl doing her daily routines… from the moment she wakes in the morning till the moments before bed… brushing her teeth, washing her face, using the toilet, having a bath and washing herself… shaving! This little plastic duck sees it all… though he often wonders why he has been condemned to such an awkward and tedious existence, where his every waking hour he is sitting on that cold ceramic bath top…. Whenever the girl has her bath he at least gets to move around, seeing the room from different and often exciting perspectives.

When the little duck is alone he loves nothing more than to close his eyes and imagine he has legs, and arms… much like the girl... he imagines what life is like outside of the bathroom… are there other bathrooms? Are there other girls who use these bathrooms in a similar fashion?
Is there a main bathroom? Are there other ducks like him….?

Obviously having never left the bathroom this little ducks perception of existence is somewhat limited…. Limited only to the existence he currently perceives.
His imagination being limited doesn’t matter anyway as he does not realize this, he cannot comprehend anything above his own reality regardless.

The little duck does often contemplate his reasons for existence, why he is who he is, why he exists, where he came from and where he will end up at the end… but for now he is content to some degree, to sit….to meander through existence….no real directions…no real control.

This is Rubber Duck.